Abovyan 26/3

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 Prague in the center of Yerevan?
 Our company (CinnaCone) is engaged in the art of baking trdelniki in Yerevan. We take pride in making these traditional sweet pastries with authentic recipes and high quality ingredients. Our skilled team meticulously prepares the dough, rolls it on a skewer and slowly roasts it to perfect texture and taste. We offer a wide range of delicious toppings to enhance your trdelnik experience.

Rating given by our dear customers

Peter Moriarty

Amazing dessert, quite a treat to find a unique Chech/Hungarian dessert in the middle of Yerevan


There are some price ranges Freshly baked cinnamon bread is warm and delicious.

Varazdat Melkonyan

In fact, there are fresh, delicious Czech dessert in Yerevan.